All-in-one aligner software, simplified.

ArchForm gives you full control over your treatment plans with intuitive, easy-to-use software. Plan cases faster with automatic one-click features.
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Accurate segmentation

Our AI algorithm finds the gingival border of each tooth within 30 seconds. It’s easy to manually adjust with our intuitive brush-editing feature.


Complete attachment control lets you adjust position, add multiple attachments—including lingual attachments for root angulation, anchorage control, and space closure.

Staging control

Set multiple intermediate goals to control the sequence of movements and apply overcorrection.

Automatic prep for 3D printing

Everything you need to prepare your model for 3D printing is done for you, including adding supports for vertical printing, applying a label, preparing automatic hollowing, and applying our unique honeycomb support inside the hollow print.

Sync across all your devices

Use ArchForm across multiple computers and keep patient data in sync. For example, you can start a design on the office computer and continue it on your laptop at home.


Scans in many different angles. ArchForm automatically aligns the midline and occlusal planes.

Intuitive alignment

Easily drag teeth to where they need to be.

Automatic number of aligners

The number of aligners changes dynamically based on tooth movements.

Change shape of arch

Align the teeth to a customizable arch shape by adjusting the arch shape using the control points placed around it.

One click IPR adjustment

Change the exact IPR amount with a single click, and the teeth wil automatically move—without manually moving each tooth.

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