Coming 2021

Aligners made for you by robots.

Announcing advanced aligners at a breakthrough price.
Designed to be used in combination with in-office aligners.

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Made with attention to detail.

Multi-layered material made by Zendura.

Three-layer material combines the best of stiff and elastic properties. This makes for lighter, more continuous forces for the highest clinical predictability.

Trimmed with robotic precision.

Trimmed by robots for more comfortable precision than could be done by hand. Choose between scalloped or straight trimlines.

High resolution printing.

We use higher resolution 3D printers than most leading aligner manufacturers. This results in a more accurately shaped aligner with less visible layer lines.

Thermoformed for a better fit.

Our custom thermoforming machine uses higher pressure than standard equipment, ensuring that the plastic fits around the teeth and attachments for a better fit and detail.  

Clearer aligners.

Our polishing method ensures a clearer aligner than traditional methods.

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