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Automatically Add a Base

ArchForm detects open .stl intra-oral scans and caps them as soon as they are imported.

Numbered Aligners

Every aligner will be imprinted with a number on a back tooth of your choice, indicating which stage of treatment the patient is in.

Accurate Tooth Segmentation

Using machine-learning, ArchForm detects the boundaries of teeth and segments them. Save time adjusting models with a simple user interface.

Automated Attachments

A variety of shapes of attachments are available. Choose the shape that works best for your patient, and the software will add it to the teeth for you.

Easy Alignment

Intuitive buttons appear on each tooth when selected. Create intermediate goals to make staged movements or move teeth into their final alignment. The number of stages are created based on tooth movement.

Trim Models

Trim model bases only once per patient, the following stages will trim automatically.


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