Easy-to-use software
for making aligners.

Simple, powerful 3D software that gives you full control of your setup.
Aligners made in your office or shipped to you from our factory.

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Great aligners are made with powerful software.

Go from scan to print in 15 minutes. ArchForm's quick and automated import process takes just over a minute, and our easy-to-use software gives you complete control of the setup and staging process.


In-office and made-to-order aligners.
Seamlessly integrated.

In-office aligners

Don't make your patients wait weeks to start their treatment. Keep their treatment on track with fast turnaround and ultimate cost savings.

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Aligners made by robots

Multi-layer materials, robotic precision cut, and custom-branded packaging at competitive pricing— shipped to you from our robotics factory.

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Orthodontists around the world love ArchForm.
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“Compared to all other orthodontic software, ArchForm is the most intuitive and easy to handle. Unique features help ensure clinical reliability in treatment planning and lead to the desired results.”

Dr. Nathalie Millot
Dr. Nathalie Millot
Orthodontist, Switzerland

“ArchForm is the most user-friendly 3D software available today. It has helped me over the years not only in doing my in-house aligners but also in conventional orthodontics as well. Unconventional, orthodontic-restorative, surgical and difficult cases which required occlusograms in the past can be easily planned with ArchForm. I use ArchForm to assist me in planning 100% of my cases today.”

Prof. Renato Martins
Orthodontist, Brazil

“ArchForm has allowed us to provide our patients with easy extensive in-house aligner treatment. Now their robotic-assisted production gives us the ability to shift offsite when necessary with little additional cost.”

Dr. Nathalie Millot
Dr. Dave Paquette
Orthodontist, United States

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