Aligner software. Now easier than ever.

 Make and design aligners in your office.
It automates scan preparation and exports print-ready models.

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Plan your treatments. Make or order aligners.

Prepare 3D scans with a few clicks.

Machine learning based tooth separation and automatic scan repair
means the time between importing and moving teeth has never been less.

Intuitive alignment.

As you plan your treatments, smaller tasks are handled for you. Attachments automatically appear when and where you need them. Each tooth is moved at its own optimal rate of movement. The number of stages are also automatically calculated.

Made in your office or ordered.

Exporting print-ready models saves hours of editing each .STL file before printing it. Automatic base cutting and labeling streamlines the process of making your own aligners. If you would rather not make your own aligners, you can order them from us at a fraction of the cost of comparable aligners.

Choose a plan that works for you.


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  • New Features Continuously
  • All Basic and Pro Features
  • Continuing Benefits
    for Early Users


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  • Single Phase Treatment
  • Single Attachment Style
  • Automatic Scan Capping


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per patient


per month for up to 7 patients
  • Profesional Support
  • Multi-Phase Treatment
  • Advanced Attachments
  • Automatic Labeling
  • Unannounced Features
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